Lunch lines...are?

Picture this, you wait peacefully and happily in line, then 20 people cuts in front of you, pushing and shoving around. Yep, that happens multiple times, everyday.

The flexible railings doesn’t help either, by the time you go inside the falcon eatery it would be wide enough for a truck to drive through.

Somethings gotta be done, I don’t expect people to change but we can force them to play by the rules, maybe use actually solid line railings? Suggestions?

we need like a 2 meters high, 1-person wide lines confined by concrete, otherwise, it would be easy to knock down, flip over the railings, or squeeze on the side past you, (how to cut a line and be a jerk 101)

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Update in 2024, its objectively worse, there is just like a clump of students there