Food suggestions in San Diego please

Can be any type of food

Over the winter break I went to a a pretty new hot pot place called Haidilao, (its a popular restaurant chain in China but I think this is their first location in SD). Its quite a cool experience, and spicy food is perfect during the cold winter season. Its a bit to the expensive side but totally worth it to try at least once.

mcdonalds. cheap. simple. fast. tastes amazing.

Yes, I know about Hai Dilao. I’m curious if there’s any hidden gems in San Diego.

I’d imagine the gems are hidden underneath the ground. To find them you’d probably have to get a shovel and start digging.

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Indeed, the path to treasures are never easy and the rarest gems requires to you dig ever deeper. But as with many things in life, maybe the best had always been at the place where you least expected it: right in front of you. Obviously, that’s given the fact that you have several gems to begin with.